Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Quick Mini Haul + Review: Lush bath bombs and face maks

Mini rant: McGill University's healthcare system is wack and has me wasting my Wednesday afternoon waiting over an hour to see a doctor simply to get my prescription renewed. They only provide prescription renwals by appointments made in advance. I had to wake up early and call the centre on October 15th for November appointments, stayed on the line for eighty minutes to receive the "earliest" appointment of 3 weeks later (today).

Silver lining: Might as well write a blog post in my spare time. I don't like wasting time being stressed/upset so my method is to let it out completely and quickly and move on!

Today I bring you a mini haul and review on some beauty acquisitions from everyone's favourite fresh handmade cosmetics store: Lush. Now in the past I've sampled a couple of Lush products here and there (a soap, fresh face masks, body butters, massage bars, lip tints, spot treatments, etc.) and had some mixed but mostly-positive experiences. However, I was always unable to sample their famed bath products since I grew up only having a shower in my bathroom. Now that I'm living on my own for the first time, I have the luxury of my own bath tub and I'm very slowly getting used to the concept of taking baths again. (Okay I've only taken 2 in 3 months but it takes some getting used to). A couple of weeks ago I decided I was in need of some serious pampering to reward myself after finishing my international marketing and accounting midterms. Naturally, this meant a little Lush trip was in order:

I did a bit of research beforehand to get a general overview of the different types of bath products Lush offers as the enormous selection can be overwhelming. There are 3 main types of bath products available: bath melts, bubble bars, and bath bombs. Bath melts contain the most moisturizing properties (lots of shea butters and the like) and I imagine as being creamy and soothing; ideal for the upcoming winter. Bubble bars are pretty self explanatory; they're scented and coloured bars which you run under streaming water to make a pretty bubble math (Note: one bubble bar can often provide multiple uses). Finally, bath bombs are sort of a complete-package bathing experience once they're dropped into your tub. Each bath bomb looks completely unique and offers different features: one/multiple colours, scents, glitters, moisturizing properties, etc. After much debate and discussion with Lush staff, I decided the bath bombs would be the perfect introduction into the world of lush bath products as they seemed the most original and fun. I managed to narrow my selection down to two bath bombs: Dragon's Egg and Phoenix Rising.

Lush - Dragon's Egg

Dragon's Egg was the first bath bomb the sales woman helped me pick out. She sold me on this one by saying it was a great introduction into the world of bath bombs. Described as having a "refreshing sherbet-y citrus scent of lemon and bergamot," Dragon's Egg turned my bath a bright shade of orange, accompanied by oozings of gold glitter that filled the water. The entire bath bomb took about five minutes to fully dissolve, and I was left with a citrusy, glittery, orange bath to enjoy. While the bath bomb did perform true to its description, I must admit that Dragon's Egg sort of left me wanting more. I had probably built my expectations too high, but when the bath bomb fully fizzled out within the first couple minutes of the bath, and I was just left with a bath (albeit a glittery one that smelled nice). However, simply knowing that you're treating yourself to a fancy sparkling bath was enough to make me feel very pampered and relaxed. I took some pictures after the math in an attempt to capture the colour and glitter of the bathwater:

Pretty sparkles

The other bath bomb I picked up was Phoenix Rising. Also orange when dissolved (apparently), Lush describes the fragrance of this one as having "the spicy scent of cinnamon [...] t for stimulating tired minds and bodies." I was intrigued by this bath bomb not only because of the beautiful purple colour and gold glitters, but also because the saleswoman told me that Phoenix Rising has a particularly long lifespan. Hopefully this bath bomb will provide the extended dynamic bathing experience I was missing with Dragon's Egg.

Lush - Phoenix Rising

The last item I picked up was a new Fresh Face Mark called Love Lettuce (or Laitue D'Amour in french). In my opinion, the fresh face masks from Lush are one of their most unique and successful offerings. There are a variety of masks available made from all-natural ingredients that have wonderful skincare-properties and are each tailored to various different skin types (sensitive, oily, dry, aging, etc.) The downfall of the masks is that they need to be kept in a refrigerator (due to the limited shelf-lives of natural ingredients) and expire after only two weeks. You could probably get about 4 solid uses from one mask, but I usually stick to 3 thick applications simply because I don't want to over-cleanse my skin within that brief two-week period. In the past I've tried the Brazened Honey mask, which I was very pleased with albeit its slightly clumpy texture. I have relatively normal-oily skin and don't suffer from regular breakouts (thank god), so I chose to pick up Love Lettuce as I'd read many positive reviews online, and Lush describes it as their most exfoliating mask to refresh, cleanse and balance the skin Sign me up!

Lush - Love Lettuce

Quantity of product inside and its appearance

Love Lettuce definitely met and exceeded my expectation from a face mask. Though I wouldn't consider myself a connoisseur of skincare by any means, I know that my face felt amazing after each application of this mask. Since Love Lettuce is refrigerated, I experienced a tingling coolness sensation when the mask was initially applied. After spreading the smooth, thick mask on my face and enjoying the relaxing scent for ten minutes, I washed it off with warm water while gently exfoliating the beads into my skin. Afterward, my face felt so wonderfully refreshed, revitalized, and clean! I can't say I noticed any substantial differences in oil production, tone evenness, or texture, but all those natural ingredients have to be doing good things for my skin, right? Personally I think simply the whole face masking experience is so wonderfully luxurious and girly and I look forward to trying another Lush Fresh Face Mask when I'm in need of a little treat or TLC.

I am definitely guilty of buying into a bit of the Lush hype and for the most part the products have not dissappointed I definitely enjoyed my first bath bomb (though don't expect any life-changing display of colour and scent), and can't wait to try Phoenix Rising before exploring all the other bath offerings! Lush bath bombs vary in price; Dragon's Egg and Phoenix Rising cost $6.25 and $6.95 CAD respectively. I definitely recommend the Love Lettuce face mask as it is a real treat and suitable for all skin types. However, make sure to check out the whole selection of masks depending on any personal specific skincare needs.

Lush products are sold at Lush retail stores throughout America and the US. Though they provide online shopping, I recommend visiting the store if given the opportunity in order to get a real feel for smells as scent is a critical aspect of many bath products. Additionally, Fresh Face Masks can only be bought at physical stores due to their necessary refrigeration. If you feel the need for a Lush trip in your near future, I'd head out ASAP since they just started selling their limited edition holiday products - have mercy!

Hope you're all having wonderfully wacky Wednesdays and staying warm and happy wherever you may be,

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