Monday, 12 November 2012

Getting acquainted with: Soap and Glory

One of the few annoying aspects about being Canadian, apart from a six-month long winter, is that we are taunted by our neighbours to the South (and sometimes those across the Atlantic) by the enormous variety of health and beauty products they have access to, often at much cheaper prices as well! The online beauty blogging community has opened my eyes to a world of products available in the States or Europe that is almost impossible to get my hands on (darn Aussie's 3 minute miracle). And don't even get me started on those shipping rates and duties...

So I'm sure you can all imagine the agony of watching some of my favourite beauty bloggers sing praises about Soap and Glory products and not being able to buy into the hype. Although I've seen some Soap and Glory products available at Shopper's Drugmart (Pharmaprix) for some time, they've always been rather marked-up compared to prices abroad, and the selection was limited to a select few products. My mom has constantly been on the lookout to get me Soap and Glory's famed Hand Food hand lotion after I'd scoured the aisles of ever Sephora and drugstore in Canada to no avail. I'd given up on the hope of every owning Hand Food until my dear mother surprised me with a Soap and Glory gift set that just became available at Shopper's Drugmart. If any fellow Canadians have been struggling to get their hands on this gem or are simply interested in sampling some of Soap and Glory's cult products without breaking the bank, then this gift set might be the perfect investment. (And just in time for the holidays!)

The gift set comes in a cute plastic cylinder covered in pink and red Ss and Gs. The three products inside are: a deluxe-sample sized Clean on Me body wash, a full-sized The Righteous Butter body butter, and a small tub of my sought-after Hand Food hand cream. I'll start off by admitting that I've yet to try the body wash as I'm saving it to bring to the Dominican Republic on my upcoming vacation. I've heard great things about the body wash itself, and I can now attest that it does smell as amazing as everyone had said!

The best surprise of the kit was the generously-sized The Righteous Butter. Body butters were first introduced to me at a very young age from The Body Shop, and since then I've gone through numerous tubs of their Satstuma/Coconut body butters and even sampled some other brands here and there. Needless to say, I'm a bit of a moisturizing addict and I've had my fair share (and many other people's fair shares) of body butters. I didn't really have the highest hopes of the Soap and Glory's body butter, simply because my expectations were all focused on that darned hand cream! However, this has quickly become my go-to body moisturizer when I step out of the shower. Easy to say I'm extremely grateful this product came full-sized. I must also note that this smells divine - a very mature, perfume-ey, feminine scent - and just feels luxurious on the skin.

And now, the product we'd all been waiting for: Hand Food hand cream! After all the hype, was this product able to live up to my expectations. I'm extremely pleased to share that yes, somehow Hand Food did not disappoint in the slightest. The hand cream has a very light floral smell, is extremely moisturizing, and still manages to avoid any greasiness on my hands. Considering the approaching winter season often results in some seriously-dry hands, I'd say Hand Food is going to be a serious must-have in my handbag from now on. Additionally, the small size of the tube makes it rather convenient for travel. I just wish I didn't have to be so conservative in my application for fear of running out too quickly.

Hopefully this accurately displays each product's size

Overall, I'd say that this little holiday gift set is the perfect introduction into Soap and Glory if you have no experience with the brand as it bundles up some seriously awesome products. I know this particular set retails for $24.99 CAD at Shopper's Drugmart, but let me know if you've been able to find it elsewhere (of if you've magically found Hand Food sold separately in Canada). For those who are slightly more price-sensitive, I believe Shopper's also sells a slightly-cheaper Soap and Glory kit that features four smaller-size products, though I'd argue that The Righteous Butter is surely worth the upgrade. Make sure to keep this set in mind when shopping for any body-product addict such as myself this holiday season!

Hope everyone's week is off to a wonderful start. Stay tuned for the millions of blog posts in the works (they're pilling up oh baby). Cheers,


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