Thursday, 8 November 2012

If I'd had Instagram...

Ever since I've had a cellphone, I've had a blackberry. We've had our ups and downs, but overall I thoroughly appreciate the communication capabilities it provides me with. I've never been that tempted by all the iPhone hype...Maybe once I'm due for an upgrade, but gee I'm not sure I could do without my keyboard buttons. The Instagram app that the one element of iPhone usage that I always craved, and until just recently, the app was exclusive to the iPhone and Android users. In honour of Instagram announcement that they're finally launching web profiles, I thought I'd share some of my own cellphone pictures from the past few weeks that would have probably been Instagram-ed had I had that luxury...Enjoy!

Juliette et Chocolat - Peanut Brownie 
This fiat makes me smile on my daily walk
Smoked meat at Dunn's with my grandparents
Montreal love <3
PB & J on cinnamon raisin toast (crusts removed) #youngatheart 
Worth every cavity 
David's Tea winter collection - Be mine...
Hamlet referencing while struggling to get through Fifty Shades
My order @ MBrgr - The Little Big Zak + caramelized onions 
The boy's order @ Mbrgr - The Big Zak + Portobellos + Fried Egg
Giggling while Halloween shopping
Trying my first pork gyro @ Kojax
He was very proud to trade in for that $100 chip @ the casino
Sandy + pumpkins = squished
Finally got my own bedding! A little overdue...
Every great story has a beginning...
...a Middle...
...and End
My daily mango
Last minute tacos and cheese/sausage creation courtesy of a hungry boyfriend - Tequila Taco

I'm constantly amazed by how far technology has managed to revolutionize modern networking and communication platforms...and I'm embarrassed to admit that I thoroughly enjoy stalking others via their picture diaries. Personally, I try embracing social networks to a healthy extent while still enjoying the realities of the physical world. Its all about balance!

Here's to a relaxing and enjoyable weekend ahead,

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