Friday, 28 September 2012

New Girl in Town

The time has finally come. I have started a blog.

As much as this is an endeavour I've been considering since I discovered the global internet blogging community (and subsequently started wasting hours of my day), I have been way too lazy/nervous to start until I was assigned to create a blog for school - more on that later. And thus; Macarons, Mascara and Me is born.

This "blog" can be considered a scrapbook compilation of all my favourite aspects of life: food, friends, family, travel, cosmetics, fashion, television, and generally exploring growing up in Montreal, Canada. I hope I can bring a smile to someone's day, inspire people's creativity, share some knowledge, and provide some recommendations/reviews along the way.

So take a look around and hopefully you'll like what you see. Keep in mind I'm new to this so bear with me as I go along. Expect a minimum of four posts a month for October and November (assuming I adhere to my deadlines and achieve full marks).

Let the games begin!


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